Friday, December 1, 2006


Welcome to SL H2O, Second Life's newest and hopefully greatest builders magazine! Here we hope to offer easy step by step how 2 tutorials, information about game and gameplay, and some well placed in game advertizing. We hope to be the perfect solution to both the needs of new upcoming builders who need a helping hand, more talented builders who just need a leg up on a few techniques, and even those who want to showcase their talents to prospective buyers in game.

As a new builder in Second Life I know that I found it difficult to find tutorials that made sense to me, had easy to follow instructions, and were above all dumbed down for even the most novice of builders. I hope that our staff can provide these simple tools for the novice builders who want to learn specific techniques of building.

There are other sites out there that store script and warehouse knowledge, but we hope to be the easiest to follow, and to offer graphic assistance such as photos and video content to allow the users of this site to learn the techniques without too much damage to their keyboards or foreheads.

We also hope that through thoughtful ad placement we can direct builders to shops in game that carry items that either may assist them in their building, give them ideas, or even show them that what they plan to build is already out there, and possibly in their price range better made than they could make at that time so they could purchase the items and move on to building new content instead... After all, why re-invent the wheel when you can buy it? And more importantly... why re-invent the wheel when its already on the market and you could possibly build something else that would have its own nitche in the market place?

Tutorials are forthcoming soon, and if your interested in writing one for the publication, or to advertize, please contact me in game.

Thanks for your patronage!

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