Thursday, December 7, 2006

Designers Notebook: creating the Krakken

It started when I was looking through Grendels Children's avatars, As you may know my name is Medame Medusa and They have a fantastic Medusa Avatar Made by Flea Bussy. I liked the avatar very much, and bought it, and the tail started to give me Ideas.
Looking around at all of the Furries in Second Life I realized something was missing.. a octopus avatar. I wanted to make tenticles sexy again... and so I set out to make the Krakken Av.

I borrowed the shape from Flea that she used on the the avatar body, the earing that controls movements, and the medusa tail. By retexturing the tail to have suction cups on bottom and copy/rotating it 8 times I now had my tail base, all I had to do from there was position it a little differently and change the skin so that I now have a tail with seashell belt and shell bra.

It was a very easy project, and I was suprised at how well the tenticles turned out. My thanks goes out to Flea, and I hope to see you all underwater soon!

For more pictures of the Krakken av please check out my photoScrapbook of Second Life.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Exclusive Video Tutorial on making a FlexiDress

Tired of following text tutorials? Or going to classes? Well get with the future baby!
Video Tutorials available here! Including audio assistance to walk you through step by easy step. A Text checklist is also available, along with lots of tips and tricks to making that Flexi Flex! Great for Skirts, gowns, and even loin cloths and silks!

Medame Medusa made this tutorial on making a flexi skirt and please let her know what you think. The tutorial is video captured in Second Life, and transferred to Macromedia Flash format for ease of use. Listen to the real Medame Medusa with voice over help in the walkthrough explaining just how to make the flexi...Flex!

More tutorials of this type coming so please give me feedback and let me know if you found anything difficult etc.
thanks and enjoy!
Medame Medusa

Friday, December 1, 2006

Getting started, making money with camping

Are you new to the game?
Need a little help getting your capital raised so that you can start uploading and creating? Or maybe you just want to buy a new outfit but just dont have enough starting cash?

The easiest way to make money is by camping. Camping is basically when you commit your avatar to staying on someones property to inflate their occupancy and traffic statistics. Many places in game have camping objects, such as camping chairs. These are scripted so that if you right click on the object a menu will pop up that has camp (or sit or another command similar) that will place you in position in the chair for example and the hover text will now read "#L earned".

Some places have dance pads that work just like camping chairs only instead of sitting there doing nothing your avatar will dance while you earn your Linden dollars.

Other places use a time clock. To use these you clock in, and have to stay on property, usually within a certain distance of clock.

Just remember when your done to clock out, or stand up, to stop the camping interaction. If you fail to do so your avatar will most likely be stuck in the animation (fixed by logging in and out) and may not be paid properly. If your game crashes, you are logged out for inactivity, or you teleport to another location without cashing out you may loose all of the money you made in that camping session.


Welcome to SL H2O, Second Life's newest and hopefully greatest builders magazine! Here we hope to offer easy step by step how 2 tutorials, information about game and gameplay, and some well placed in game advertizing. We hope to be the perfect solution to both the needs of new upcoming builders who need a helping hand, more talented builders who just need a leg up on a few techniques, and even those who want to showcase their talents to prospective buyers in game.

As a new builder in Second Life I know that I found it difficult to find tutorials that made sense to me, had easy to follow instructions, and were above all dumbed down for even the most novice of builders. I hope that our staff can provide these simple tools for the novice builders who want to learn specific techniques of building.

There are other sites out there that store script and warehouse knowledge, but we hope to be the easiest to follow, and to offer graphic assistance such as photos and video content to allow the users of this site to learn the techniques without too much damage to their keyboards or foreheads.

We also hope that through thoughtful ad placement we can direct builders to shops in game that carry items that either may assist them in their building, give them ideas, or even show them that what they plan to build is already out there, and possibly in their price range better made than they could make at that time so they could purchase the items and move on to building new content instead... After all, why re-invent the wheel when you can buy it? And more importantly... why re-invent the wheel when its already on the market and you could possibly build something else that would have its own nitche in the market place?

Tutorials are forthcoming soon, and if your interested in writing one for the publication, or to advertize, please contact me in game.

Thanks for your patronage!