Thursday, December 7, 2006

Designers Notebook: creating the Krakken

It started when I was looking through Grendels Children's avatars, As you may know my name is Medame Medusa and They have a fantastic Medusa Avatar Made by Flea Bussy. I liked the avatar very much, and bought it, and the tail started to give me Ideas.
Looking around at all of the Furries in Second Life I realized something was missing.. a octopus avatar. I wanted to make tenticles sexy again... and so I set out to make the Krakken Av.

I borrowed the shape from Flea that she used on the the avatar body, the earing that controls movements, and the medusa tail. By retexturing the tail to have suction cups on bottom and copy/rotating it 8 times I now had my tail base, all I had to do from there was position it a little differently and change the skin so that I now have a tail with seashell belt and shell bra.

It was a very easy project, and I was suprised at how well the tenticles turned out. My thanks goes out to Flea, and I hope to see you all underwater soon!

For more pictures of the Krakken av please check out my photoScrapbook of Second Life.

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