Saturday, December 2, 2006

Exclusive Video Tutorial on making a FlexiDress

Tired of following text tutorials? Or going to classes? Well get with the future baby!
Video Tutorials available here! Including audio assistance to walk you through step by easy step. A Text checklist is also available, along with lots of tips and tricks to making that Flexi Flex! Great for Skirts, gowns, and even loin cloths and silks!

Medame Medusa made this tutorial on making a flexi skirt and please let her know what you think. The tutorial is video captured in Second Life, and transferred to Macromedia Flash format for ease of use. Listen to the real Medame Medusa with voice over help in the walkthrough explaining just how to make the flexi...Flex!

More tutorials of this type coming so please give me feedback and let me know if you found anything difficult etc.
thanks and enjoy!
Medame Medusa

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